Sasquatch! 2012 Day 3

I received 9 texts this morning.

Here we go again:


Sunday May 27

Band that is more deserving of a later time slot: Hey Marseilles.

Favorite new Hey Marseilles song: Heartbeat.

Reason I found out I go to too many concerts: I recognize some of the photographers from other shows.

Best band sort of names after a race car driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

The chillest place to chill on chill Sunday: The terraced seating on the hill.

Best festival food to bring: PB&J.

Amount of beef jerky consumed: More than I’d like to admit.

Juice box count: 6.

Biggest surprise of the day: Beat Connection’s performance.

Best visuals: Tycho.

Most sincere band: Blind Pilot. (*sigh. if you want a taste of what this probably meant, check out my review of their concert last fall.)

Most touching moment: Charity from The Head And The Heart began to cry during “Rivers and Roads.”

Biggest Seattle homecoming: The Head And The Heart.

Most surreal moment: A Sunday Smile at sunset. (*sighhhhhhhh.)

Most epic buildup: Bon Iver, “The Wolves.”

Today I learned: Bon Iver is a totally normal guy—I’d hang out with him.

Best quote: “Oh balls.” ~Bon Iver

Most emotional sing-a-long: Bon Iver, “Skinny Love.”

Amount of dogs around camp: Not enough.

Amount of Canadians: Almost too many, but not quite.

Things to not forget next year: More than one pair of socks. (really, Kyle? you think? silly child…)

Things to do for tomorrow: Buy more juice boxes.

Verdict: Super chill.


Well, once again, I’m jealous. Sassy Squatch! sounds quite brilliant.



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