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    Hi! I'm Shannon, and I'm a correspondent for westsouthernmusic in Southern California. I go to college near LA, and work at my school's radio station, KSPC 88.7FM Claremont, or I like to go to concerts. I live near lots of concerts. Therefore, I go to lots of concerts. And I write about them. For your reading pleasure. :)


SOTD May 10th, 2014

Only Real: “Cadillac Girl” This song just reeks of summer vibes. Scour the depths of the internet, download it, put it on a cd, play with full volume and roll down the window. Perfection.


SOTD May 6th, 2014

Tom Misch: “The Journey” At 18, Tom Misch already plays the violin, guitar, and is considered a composer, singer, and songwriter. Obviously many of us wish they could call ourselves just one of these at the age of 25 (or any age for that matter). What Tom Misch brings to the table with “The Journey” … Continue reading


SOTD April 15th, 2014

Kodak to Graph: “I Keep Holding On” Opening for Odesza on their first headlining tour, Florida native Kodak to Graph is appearing on blogs left and right. After listening to “I Keep Holding On” it’s clear that Kodak to Graph has a knack for mixing classic tracks with modern electronics. Let’s just hope there is … Continue reading


SOTD April 11th, 2014

Chet Faker: “Talk is Cheap” I’ll continue the theme from down under and share another track from the bearded electronic soul virtuoso we call Chet Faker. His debut album Built on Glass came out today in his home country and we can expect it next Tuesday. If you enjoyed my track from How to Dress … Continue reading

Jagwar Ma

SOTD April 10th, 2014

Jagwar Ma: Uncertainty (Cut Copy Remix) If you have heard Jagwar Ma’s debut album Howlin’, you know how infectious the hooks are, how psychedelic the atmosphere can be, and just how much you want to dance afterward. Well, other Aussies Cut Copy got their hands on standout track “Uncertainty” and turned up the dance elements all … Continue reading


SOTD April 9th, 2014

Vancouver Sleep Clinic: “Collapse” At first listen, one might dismiss Austrailia’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic as another Bon Iver knockoff trying to ride the coattails of his popular sound. While they do bare some striking resemblances, VSC shows great potential to differentiate themselves in the future and become their own powerhouse.


SOTD April 8th, 2014

How to Dress Well: “Repeat Pleasure” Oh, well hello there fellow music lovers. I had the urge to share another track with the internet and hopefully spark a string of new posts to get myself back in the groove. How to Dress Well has announced that his third album, What is this Heart?, will drop June … Continue reading


SOTD December 12th, 2013

Bombay Bicycle Club: “Carry Me” Bombay Bicycle Club mark their return with So Long, See You Tomorrow, their fourth album due out in February. “Carry Me” marks the second single from the album along with “It’s Alright Now.” This song has been a regular part of their setlists for the better part of a year … Continue reading


SOTD December 5th, 2013

John Wizards – “Lusaka By Night” As December weather has made itself home in a chilly Washington State, I retreat to my room and search for music to keep me warm as I study for finals. “Lusaka By Night” is a weird conglomeration of sounds that feel at home in some eccentric indie video game.

Deptford Goth

SOTD December 3rd, 2013

Deptford Goth: “Feel Real” Deptford Goth mastermind Daniel Woolhouse creates minimalistic synthesizer ballads that make you want to dance despite the cold sounds that come with them. It’s actually quite hard to believe that by day, Woolhouse is actually a teaching assistant at an elementary school in Southern London. So go and dance like her, … Continue reading


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